At MTH, we have a passion for making people more productive through better, smarter software solutions. We build high quality personal financial programs with attention paid to the details of efficient use. Our software is very customizable for the advanced user, and quick to learn for the new user. Each program has been refined by years of listening to our customers, both through direct contact, and through our online forums.

Our flagship product - My Money, has been designed to help you managing your personal or business finances. Whether you have a single checking account or are a small or home-based business, you can use My Money to make pen and paper-based tasks a thing of the past. My Money is developed from the ground up to work with online bank statements which means that you can simply download your transactions from bank web site and they are automatically entered into electronic register.

By bringing all of your important financial information together in one place, My Money helps you more efficiently organize your financial data, simplify taxes and grow your net worth.

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  • Easy to convert into a licensed version

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